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Domination and hard-core sex!

2008-Sep-10 - Training Slave

training slave

Dylan loves to be tied up and dominated. She does her first boy-girl sex and bondage scene with Mark Davis. Because of her enthusiasm and ability to take and enjoy pain play, Mark is able to push her limits and give her an amazing experience.

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2008-Sep-4 - Training My Slave

training my slave

Beverly Hills of big breasts does his debut in the Sex and Submission with new Dom James Deen. Caught in trap in a cage incorporated in the land, she it accepts to submit completely. Once freed, she is treated bruscamente and his mouth is fodida. Then, Beverly tracks to another hole in the land where his head is locked in. Insane, his body is that they punish and his kitten is fodido. Then, she is removed, gagged and made endure prudent armbands of nipple. Again, she is without help fodida. For end tied with the perfect donkey of exposed Beverly, she is fodida deeply in his donkey. The best part is left completely it is that that she completely liked his experience!

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2008-Aug-29 - Sex Slave Training

sex slave training

The treachery is a play for something. This brunette of big breasts is extremely corneal and lit by the rough treatment and a lot of fodendo of Derrick Pierce. She is objectified and punished in our custom they build the stopped short one of wall. When double joined, the Treachery is tied tight extra and fodido impiedosamente in his kitten and donkey. His body incontrolavelmente launches one ton of liquid I eat it it comes by a powerful vibrator while lifted. She obeys, the rooster sucks like a champion, love the very anal sex and it can be tied in practically any position. What can more you ask on?


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2008-Aug-23 - Pony Slave Girls Training

pony slave girls training


* to Have to
* I Annex General
* one Hands over auto-car, written request:
* 'I will influence the same control, the same value, humility, doing clear concise affirmations.'
* the Claims of being an obstinate, strong darling
* Want the structure
* the very sensitive nipples
* Love the interruption of slavery
* He hates his feet played with
* Difficulty orgasming when permitted or when the Medos
was waited:
* When staircase is Walking down
* When approval Retreat is Falling
* Proposed Marks:
* Orgasm training - Recommendations of Humility are ordered when
* service of Eroticize by small tasks
* Begun sex
* Anal Training
Simple Orders
the First Step': Advancement for the rubbing of the most deep step, filthier of the building
* Takes away, handcuff it and you glimpsed
* There gain the slave's name for 116 cane blows
* Blow his feet
* the Rigorous physical inspection and the training of position
* Covering They Deny the orgasm
* Blow the rules in her
* his face in the braid comes
* house Task:
* List 100 ways of beginning the sex, the proper Day 4
* Writes a test 'on the Duty', proper Day 2

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2008-Aug-18 - Nipple Torture

free bondage porn



Satine, like most humans, has desires. Her desires however, are of the darker variety and she fantasizes of a rougher brand of sex. The type that would place her in a precarious position. The type that would include her being tied, gagged and roughly fucked... After the initial interview, Satine is bound and gagged by The Pope and Big Bad and laid upon the sofa as an offering for Mr. Pierce. When Derrick finds his bounty, he wastes little time putting the hammer down. He first slaps and gropes and paws and pinches greedily at his nervous slave's sweet body. Then, Satine's gagged is removed and she opens her mouth as wide as possible to accept her Master's cock. Satine obediently works Derrick's staff with her lips and then bends over like a good slave and takes his cock in her cunt...


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2008-Aug-14 - Bondage Slave

bondage slave

Goals Progress:

  • Basic Protocol - trainee shows good progress with speech training. Recommend changing the rules to test her flexibility.
  • Obedience is tested and continues to improve.
  • Composure is still an issue but we are making progress
  • Claustrophobia - trainee is still afraid but continuing to work on this fear.
  • Aquaphobia - Trainee is slowly getting over her fear of water.

Recommendations:  Check it. Teach their place on the weight of their pussy and Tits in hand in hand as they bare their probes, the body and limit their responses. Put them in a bag and beat them, then hang them upside down and dunk their heads in a tank of freezing water. Whip it, while they are under water to teach her the value of composure during a beating.

Based on her the day before, she has a hard time fucking and sucking at the same time. Put it on the tap and train them to fuck, while a dildo sucking on a hard tail. Prod them with a whip to do a good job.

Reward their loyalty to her a box and slave with her mouth, pussy and ass hole in a hard-fuck leaves the scene licking their hot come from the dirty floor.

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2008-Aug-8 - Bondage Porn

bondage sex

 Not all trainees make it through. This student was simply not ready for the expected one week long training program, and here you see the results.

After driven by a very hard training of two demonic trainers, Devi is in the basement, where their defense are stripped away and their pain tolerance is tested. This is the scene that her over the edge of endurance and to bring these training session to an end.

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2008-Jul-31 - Bondage Sex

bondage sex


  • Inspect Quarters
  • Review homework assignments
  • Teach the value of paragraphs by tearing her poorly formatted assignments into little pieces and feeding them to her one by one.
  • Lock her into a leather muzzle to speech train her
  • Cage her and order her to continue scrubbing the filthy floor
  • Review her case with William
  • Terrify her with the cattle prod
  • Tie her tits in tight Japanese style rope bondage
  • Teach her the techniques required to endure a painful rope suspension
  • Push her hard with the single tail as she struggles to maintain the suspension
  • Release her and teach her a little about gratitude
  • Drill her oral skills with a hard cock in her throat
  • Teach her to overcome her gag reflex
  • Crop her to distraction
  • Continue working the Training Trigger
  • Bind her like a dog in cold chain
  • Leash her with a hook in her ass
  • Fuck her slave cunt while stretching her ass
  • Teach her to give up control by making her orgasm over and over again, spilling her submission all over the office floor
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2008-Jul-24 - Bdsm Torture

bdsm torture

General Observations

  • she needs the rules reinforced:
  • no cursing
  • no going out past 11
  • to do her homework
  • no masturbating
  • still slow with gratitude
  • selfish
  • wants to conquer fear of cattle prod
  • stay composed
  • rationalizes her bad behavior
  • review homework: 'the importance of detail'


  • Her comfort means little in relation to her submission
  • Focus and composure through repeated cattle prod
  • Orgasm Control


  • Bring in Princess Donna to test our trainee
  • Bind her and put her in a stressful squat on the wet pavement
  • Test her composure by fucking her slut mouth with hard cock and Princess Donna's wet pussy
  • Teach her a presentation routine that holds her cunt and mouth in service till released
  • Hold her in humiliating positions, whip and clip her
  • Terrorize her with the cattle prod
  • Bind her and pound her cunt with hard cock while Donna rides her face
  • Fill her throat with cum
  • Give her the tools to take the first steps into the actual BDSM community
  • Quiz her on what she learned here
  • Do you think she makes the grade?
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2008-Jul-18 - Orgasm Torture

orgasm torture


Kinky couple Devon Lee and Marcus London are back for more bondage sex, but this time Devon surrenders her ass for some pounding along with her pussy and mouth. Asymmetrical rope bondage starts the day, leaving Devon's pussy open for whipping and fucking. Gagged and clamped she takes everything her Master inflicts, whether it be pleasure or pain. In doggy position, Devon greedily sucks cock, getting it super wet for her first ever bondage anal fucking. With her breasts bound and her legs spread Devon begs to cum during anal sex. Her Master then cums all over Devon's pretty face, this is his way of thanking her for being an obedient bondage fuckdoll.
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